Nonlinear Physics: Theory and Experiment. IV
EcoResort Le Sirenè Gallipoli, Lecce (Italy) June 22 - July 1, 2006


ABENDA SIMONETTA L Closed geodesics and Billiards on quadrics related to elliptic KdV solutions
ABLOWITZ MARK L Solitary waves in nonlinear optics and fluid dynamics
ALEKSEEV GEORGE L Integrable reductions of Einstein-Maxwell equations: hierarchies of solutions with rational
ATANASOV VICTOR L The emergence of the Toda chain for the N-kink (breather) train of the Sine-Gordon equation
BAKIRTAS-AKAR ILKAY L Wave collapse in nonlocal nonlinear Schroedinger equation
BIONDINI GINO L Initial-boundary value problems for linear and nonlinear differential-difference equations
BLASZAK MACIEJ L Reciprocal transformations for classical Stackel systems and related dispersionless systems
BOGDANOV LEONID L On the heavenly equation hierarchy
BOITI MARCO L Extended resolvent of the nonstationary Schrödinger operator for a Darboux transformed potential
BOSCOLO SONIA L On the stability of self-similar parabolic optical pulses
CALOGERO FRANCESCO L Isochronous systems and their quantization
CAPUTO JEAN GUY L Statics and dynamics of point nonlinear oscillators in a linear cavity
CARROLL ROBERT L Metric fluctutations, entropy, and the WDW equation
CHANG JEN-HSU L On the bi-Hamiltonian structure of waterbag model of dKP
CHOUDHURY ROY SUDIPTO L Solitary Wave Families of the Ostrovsky Equation: An Approach via Reversible Systems Theory and Normal Forms
CHOUSTOVA OLGA P Applications of Hamilton-Jakobi dynamics and Bohmian mechanics to description of financial processes
CONTE ROBERT L Reduction of the resonant three-wave interaction to the sixth Painlev\'e equation
DE LILLO SILVANA L The Spectral Method for Inverse Moving Boundary Problems
FERAPONTOV EUGENE L On integrability of hydrodynamic chains: the Haantjes tensor
FOKAS THANASSIS L Imaging of the brain, boundary value problems and Integrability in 4+2 and 3+1
FRIEDLAND LAZAR L Emergence and control of multi-phase nonlinear waves by resonant perturbations
GANDARIAS MARIA LUZ L New solutions through weak symmetries of the Schwarzian-Korteweg-de Vries
GARCIA ESTEVEZ PILAR L Algorithmic construction of lumps
GERDJIKOV VLADIMIR L Multicomponent solitons: properties, stability, interactions
GHOSH SUBIR L Current Algebra and Non-Linear sigma-Model
GRAHOVSKI GEORGI L An Exactly Solvable Case for a Thin Elastic Rod
GRINEVICH PETR L Infinitesimal Darboux transformations of the spectral curves of tori in the four-space
GRUNDLAND ALFRED MICHEL L Rank-k solutions described by quasilinear systems of PDEs
HABIBULLIN ISMAGIL L Characteristic algebras and the problem of classification of discrete chains
HARNAD JOHN L Correlators of characteristic polynomials in two-matrix models
ILAN BOAZ L Two-dimensional solitons in irregular lattices
KALYAKIN LEONID L Autoresonance phenomenon in magnetic reversal of the weak ferromagnetic
KAUP DAVID L The Quantitative Estimation of Variational Approximations
KHOMERIKI RAMAZ L Coexistence of Josephson oscillations and novel self-trapping regime in optical waveguide arrays
KHRENNIKOV ANDREI L Infinite dimensional Hamilton dynamics and quantum mechanics
KHUSNUTDINOVA KARIMA L On two classes of integrable second order quasilinear equations in 3D
KISELEV ARTHEMIY P Algebraic properties of Gardners's deformations for integrable systems
KISELEV OLEG L Slow passage through resonance for a weakly nonlinear dispersive wave
KONOPELCHENKO BORIS L Associative algebras, coisotropic manifolds and dispersionless hierarchies
KRASIL'SHCHIK JOSIF L Nonlocal aspects of integrability
KRUSKAL MARTIN L Surreal numbers
KUNDU ANJAN P Integrable nonlinearity generated only from Linear dispersion
KUZNETSOV EVGENII L Vortex line representation
LARIONOVA YEVGENIYA L Dark solitons in passive and active semiconductor microresonators
LEBLE SERGEY L Interacting matter-radiation systems: dressing and quantization in generalized Jaynes-Cummings models
LEE JYH-HAO L Solitons of the Resonant Nonlinear Schrodinger Equation with Nontrivial Boundary Condition by the Hirota Method
LUPO GAIA L A Chauchy problem in nonlinear heat conduction
MAGRI FRANCO L On the art of choosing the right coordinates in a problem of Mechanics
MAIOLO TINA A.C. P A measurement of the degree of entanglement in atoms and molecules
MANAKOV SERGEY L Vector fields and integrable nonlinear PDEs in multidimensions. Part II.
MANCAS STEFAN C. L Spatiotemporal structure of dissipative solitons in the cubic-quintic Ginzburg-Landau equation
MANKO MARGARITA L Uncertainty relations for tomographic entropy of solitons
MARMO GIUSEPPE L Geometry of Quantum Systems. Density States and Entanglement.
MARTINA LUIGI L Semiclassical dynamics of wave - packets in generalized mechanics
MASLOV EUGENE L Breather resonant phaselocking by external perturbation
MATVEEV VLADIMIR L Cylindrical KP equation revisited
MEDINA ELENA L Classification of Integrable Deformations of Algebraic Curves
MOKHOV OLEG L Theory of Submanifolds, Associativity Equations in 2D Topological Quantum Field Theories, and Frobenius Manifolds
MORO ANTONIO L High frequency integrable regimes in nonlocal nonlinear optics
MUELLER-HOISSEN FOLKERT L From Gelfand-Dickey-type hierarchies to functional representations
NOVOKSHENOV VICTOR L Autoresonant excitation and control of nonlinear waves in the integrable systems
NUCCI CLARA L Jacobi last multiplier, Lie symmetries, and hidden linearity: what's up
ORLOV ALEXANDER L Fermionic tau function and random processes
ORTIX CARMINE P Strong coupling anomalous dimensions of N=4 super Yang-Mills
PACCIANI PAMELA L Localized solutions of the quintic nonlinear Schrodinger equation with a periodic potential
PALESE MARCELLA P Towers with infinite-dimensional skeletons and prolongation structures
PARWANI RAJESH L Solutions of an information-theoretic motivated nonlinear Schrodinger equation
PASHAEV OKTAY L Galilean Group, Vortex Generation Techniques and Complex Burgers Hierarchy
PAVLOV MAXIM L New Hamiltonian formalism for hydrodynamic type systems
POGREBKOV ANDREI L Scattering transform for the nonstationary Schrödinger operator with a bidimensionally perturbed N-soliton potential
PRINARI BARBARA L Inverse Scattering Transform for vector defocusing Nonlinear Schrödinger equation with nonvanishing boundary conditions
PROTOGENOV ALEXANDER L Decomposition of variables and duality in non-Abelian models
ROGERS COLIN L On a novel class of nonlinear elastic materials. Soliton connections
ROSENHAUS VLADIMIR L On infinite conservation laws for systems with infinite symmetries
RUGGERI GIOVANNA P Quantum Gaussian Memory Channels
SANTINI PAOLO M. L Vector fields and integrable nonlinear PDEs in multidimensions. Part I.
SCOLARICI GIUSEPPE L Completely positive quaternionic maps
SEGEV MORDECHAI L Nonlinear waves and solitons in photonic quasi-crystals, Anderson localization, etc.
SOMMACAL MATTEO P The Transition from Regular to Irregular Motions, Explained as Travel on Riemann Surfaces
SOZZO SANDRO P On the physical interpretation of partial traces: two alternative approaches
SPEIGHT JAMES L Magnetic bubble refraction in inhomogeneous antiferromagnets
SPILLER ELAINE L Rare events in dispersion-managed nonlinear lightwave systems
TEMPESTA PIERGIULIO L Frobenius Manifolds and integrable hierarchies of Toda type
TRUBATCH DAVID L Recurrence in KdV?
VERHOEVEN CAROLINE L Spiderweb solutions for the CKP equation
VILASI GAETANO L pin-1 gravitational waves
VINOGRADOV ALEXANDRE L Solution singularities and the reconstruction problem
VITOLO RAFFAELE P On differential equations characterized by their Lie point symmetries
WEISS CARL OTTO L Spatial solitons in nonlinear optical resonators
WINTERNITZ PAVEL L Symmetry preserving discretization of differential equations with applications to computing
WINTERROTH EKKEHART P On the relation between the Hessian and the Jacobi morphisms in gauge-natural field theories
ZAKHAROV VLADIMIR L Spaces of Diagonal Curvature, Spaces of Flat Connection and Problem of N-Orthogonal Coordinate Systems
ZARMI YAIR L Perturbed Evolution Equation and Asymptotic Integrability