Books On-line, Listed by Subject

This page lists selected on-line books by their Library of Congress call number category. It can serve as a crude listing by subject.

Not all books are represented here yet, but most on-line titles in library catalogs are listed.

For a full list of available books, try the main on-line books page.

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A General Works

B-BJ Philosophy

BL-BX Religion

BL Religion: General, Miscellaneous, and Atheism

BM Religion: Judaism

BP Religion: Islam and Baha'i

BQ Religion: Buddhism

BR-BX Religion: Christianity

C History: Auxiliary sciences

D History: General and Old World

E-F History: American and New World

G Geography, Anthropology, Folklore, Recreation

H Social Sciences

J Political Science

K Law

L Education

M Music

N Fine Arts

P Language and literature

PA Classical Languages and Literature

PC Romance Languages

PE English Language

PG Slavic (incl. Russian) Languages and Literature

PJ-PL Literature: African, Asian, and Pacific

PN Literature: General, Criticism, Collections

PQ Literature: French, Italian, and Spanish

PR Literature: English (non-American)

PS Literature: American

PT Literature: Germanic

Q Science

QA Computer Science and Mathematics

QB-QE Physical Sciences

QH-QR Biological Sciences

R Medicine

S Agriculture

T Technology

U-V Military and Naval Science

Z Bibliography and Library Science (Last updated 25-Mar-96)