Why this workshop...


The Fifth Italian-Pakistani Workshop on Relativistic Astrophysics, to be held in Lecce (Italy) - on July 21-23, 2016, Lecce-, follows an agreement firts signed in 2007 and renewed in 2012 and 2016 between the Department of Mathematics & Physics "Ennio De Giorgi" of University of Lecce and the Centre for Advanced Mathematics & Physics of the National University of Sciences & Technology of Rawalpindi aiming to promote the scientific and academic cooperation between the parties.

The collaboration concentrates in the area of relativistic astrophysics and that's the aim of this workshop.The workshop will highlight our understanding of the galactic center region, dark matter nature and distribution in our and nearby galaxies, black hole physics and mathematics, and gravitational waves phsyics.

The workshop will be held in Lecce as a result of the joint efforts of the Department of Mathematics and Physics of the University of Salento (Italy) and the School of Natural Sciences at NUST (Pakistan).

Other scientists interested in these topics are also welcome to register, participate and give their own contribution to the Workshop.

Organizing Institutions:

Università del Salento, Italy
Department of Mathematics and Physics "E. De Giorgi", Università del Salento, Italy
INFN, Sez. di Lecce, Italy

School of Natural Sciences, NUST, Islamabad, Pakistan

The workshop is partially supported by Banca Popolare Pugliese


Scientific Organizing Committee:
F. De Paolis, V. Gurzadyan, G. Ingrosso, A.A. Nucita, A. Qadir, A.A. Siddiqui

Local Organizing Committee:
F. De Paolis, M. Giordano, G. Ingrosso, L. Manni, A.A. Nucita, F. Strafella

Contact: info.iwra@le.infn.it
Webmaster: A.A. Nucita (Università del Salento and INFN, Lecce, Italy)